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About Us / Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Board establishes overall strategic direction, corporate objectives, financial and operational policies for the Group. It oversees the management and corporate governance, and monitors the standards of performance and issues of policy. This is carried out both directly and through its Executive and Audit Committees, or by means of delegation to senior management personnel.

Masashi Yoshikura

Chairman of the Board
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Eric Maka

President & CEO
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Seiji Kawamura

General Manager
Overseas Power Department I
Marubeni Corp

Takeshi Hiramatsu

Assistant General Manager
Overseas Power Department I
Marubeni Corp

Tai Miura

Deputy General Manager
Overseas Power Department I
Marubeni Corp

Frederic Claux

Managing Director, Thermal & Supply AMEA
Country Manager, Middle East & Pakistan

Niko Piet Cornelis

Chief Operating Office, Technical & Operational Support
Vice President, Thermal AMEA

Jelena Valle-Ortise

Vice President Finance, Flexible Generation & Retail AMEA

Keiichi Niinuma

Deputy Chief of Division
Asset Management Division
Kyuden International Corporation

Ryo Ishizuka

Division 2, Equity Investment Department
Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Masatoshi Inoue

Asia Asset Management Department
Asia Division
Kyuden International Corporation